What Is The Best Baby Monitor?

What is the best baby monitor? These simple, and effective monitoring systems can help reduce the stress and worry about caring for your baby. But, what one do you buy? Obviously you want the best one for your needs. But, there are so many available. Where do you start? We have done a great deal of research and investigating for you, to help you when speding your hard earned cash! Below is a comprehensive comparison table listing the top 10 best audio and video baby monitors available.

As the parent or carer for baby or toddler, nothing else matters unless you know they are safe. You have to be on your guard all day, and all night long. When your little one is moved into their own room, it is hard to ‘let go’. They may only be in the next room, but they seem so far away at the same time. A baby monitor provides you with security and peace of mind. A baby monitor will help you know when your baby needs your attention.

We have researched a huge range of baby monitors that are currently available. The best baby monitor comparison chart below lists the top 10 best baby monitors for 2015. Because prices go up and down all the time, the price column shows roughly what you should expect to pay.

Best Baby Monitor 2015 Top 10 Guide

PictureBaby monitorScreen SizeMax RangePriceRating
Motorola MBP27T2.4" (6cm)984 ft (300m)£4.8
Summer Infant Baby Touch Plus3.5" (9cm)656 ft (200m)££4.6
Motorola MBP36 Digital Video Monitor3.5" (9cm)656ft (200m)£4.5
BT 7500 Baby Monitor3.5" (9cm)984ft (300m)£££4.4
Angelcare AC401N/A820 ft (250m)£4.4
Angelcare AC11202.75" (7cm)656 ft (200m)££4.3
Tommee Tippee Sensor Monitor3" (7.5cm)984 ft (300m)££4.3
Angelcare AC11002.75" (7cm)656 ft (200m)£££4.3
BT 1000 baby monitor2.8" (7cm)984 ft (300m)££4.2
Motorola MBP262.4" (6cm)984 ft (300m)£4.2

Please note ratings are not based only from Amazon.co.uk reviews. It is an average from reviews from British retailers including Amazon, Argos, Mothercare, John Lewis, Asda and Toys R Us.

What Is A Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is a device that allows you to hear, or see, your child when you are not in the same room. There are normally two parts; a transmitter and a receiver unit. The transmitter is located in the room where the infant sleeps. The transmitter sends images and/or audio to the receiving unit.

Baby monitors transmit using an analogue or digital signal. These days, most baby monitors use digital signals. An analogue signal can receive interference from other devices, such as radios or microwave ovens. Digital monitors encrypt the audio or video signal and are less likely to have interference problems.

Baby monitors may appear to be recent inventions. Although, unbelievably, they are nearly 80 years old! The first baby monitor, called the Radio Nurse, was introduced in 1937.

Advantages Of A Baby Monitor

The main advantages of a baby monitor are summarised below.

Peace of mind. The most obvious benefit. But, it cannot be understated how a baby monitor can give you reassurance that your baby is safe and secure when in a different part of your home. Babies will soon let you know if they need your attention. Your baby monitor will be worth its weight in diamond encrusted gold!

They give you time. You can carry on with jobs around the house, for example making dinner, or clearing up those toys in your front room. Knowing your little one is perfectly fine and safely asleep in their room will allow you to get job done or possibly even relax! If your baby is in another room, on a different floor in your house or flat, monitors can save you checking on them every ten to fifteen minutes. When you have a baby you need to make the most of your baby free time.

Can help sleep train a baby. Babies have different noises and cries. Especially when they are settling down to sleep. Knowing what type of cry will help you decide if you need you to attend to them or not. This helps avoid disturbing them unnecessarily. Particularly when they have naps during the day.

best baby monitor

How To Find The Best Baby Monitor

Baby monitors come with a quite a few options. These are the important ones to consider.

Audio or video baby monitor. Do you want to listen to your baby or watch and listen? An audio monitor will be less expensive than a monitor with a camera and viewing screen. An audio baby monitor will be a little easier to set up. However, the prices of video baby monitors have reduced in the past couple of years. The coverage a video baby monitor can give you, could be worth the extra expense. Additions such as extra cameras, night vision capability add to the qualities of a video baby monitor.

Analogue or digital. Baby monitors work using either analogue or digital signals. Analogue monitors are few and far between these days. Analogue signals are open to interference and to others being able to listen in. Digital signals have clearer sound and are less prone to interference. Some monitors use DECT (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications). DECT ensures a secure connection as the signal is encrypted. It uses a different frequency to baby monitors without this feature.

Signal range. All good monitors should work fine in a normal sized house or apartment. Some have a range up to 350 metres. This can be handy if you have a mansion, or more realistically, you want to work in your garden. Be aware that the range specified by most manufacturers normally refers to the maximum range with no obstacles. Realistically, a maximum range of 300 metres would mean 50 metres inside a house.

Battery life. The receiving unit normally has rechargeable batteries. This allows you to pick it up and walk around your home. The time between charges is an important consideration. Nobody wants to keep charging a unit every couple of hours. Most decent baby monitors last around 6 to 8 hours before needing to be recharged.

Temperature display. A very handy feature, especially if your baby’s room is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Most units have this as a feature. The optimum temperature for a baby to sleep is about 18°C (65°F). A room that is too hot or cold will keep your baby, and you, awake at night.

Soothing sounds, lights or lullabies. Some units come with built in lullabies to help soothe your baby to sleep. Some let you plug in an MP3 player for your baby’s favourite tunes. A few even have a light show that will calm down an unsettled baby. These are normally controlled by the parent unit. These additional features are not ‘deal breakers’. But, they are handy options that you could consider.


Finding the best baby monitor for your baby doesn’t have to be hard. However, you need to do your research. You don’t want to end up with a nice looking but useless baby monitor. This is not to that all ‘ugly’ baby monitors are brilliant. Reliability, ease of use and range of relevant features are more important than style. An audio or video baby monitor will give you piece of mind. I hope the information on this website is of use to you and your baby. Good luck in your search.

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