Best Baby Hammocks UK Reviews of 2019

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Are you looking to purchase a new baby hammock for your child? Baby hammocks provide soft, safe places for your child, to rock gently to sleep. There are many different options available today, and they range from the very affordable to the very-expensive. However, when you are looking for something to hold your child, it is worth looking for a hammock that is of excellent quality and extremely safe. That’s where we come in, with our in-depth best baby hammock reviews.

We’ve put together a short buying guide for you, to take a look at some of the best options available today.

​Reviews of the Best Baby Hammock in the UK for 2019

1. Poco Nature’s Nest

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First up is the Poco Nature’s Nest. It costs £££, and is one of the more expensive baby hammocks available online, but delivers a high-quality value for its price. It is also a well-known and well-liked baby hammocks on the market, with 5/5 stars on Amazon and a good reputation online. The Poco says that it is designed to mimic a mother’s “natural movements,” which give your child “optimal reassurance” and natural comfort, and also says that the gentle swaying and position of the hammock is great for relieving colic and reflux. The hammock hangs from a spring attached to the stand, which allows you to gently bounce the baby up and down inside the hammock, and swings in all directions, allowing you to gently rock him or her to sleep.

The Nature’s Nest is capable of safely holding children up to 20lbs (about 12 months of age). A heavier-duty spring, designed for toddlers, allows it to safely hold up to 45lbs and is available for separate purchase later on.


  • Build quality
  • Reputation
  • Organic Materials


  • Price

The Nature’s Nest is also completely portable, and can be easily disassembled and moved around. It weighs 11kg when folded up and put into its bag. It also comes with two fitted sheets.

2. Amazonas Koala

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Up next is the Amazonas Hammock Koala. Retailing online at a fair price, the Koala by Amazonas is much cheaper than some other options, like the Nature’s Nest. However, it provides an excellent value and is widely liked online, with a 4.5/5-star rating on Amazon. It is a very different design; instead of a hanging off a pole, like the Nature’s Nest, the Koala uses a folding wooden frame, similar to that of a typical yard hammock. The hammock itself is woven out of soft, 100% pure cotton, and suspended by sturdy, strong suspensions straps. The hammock is padded for extra comfort, and has an integrated, sewn-in safety harness with buckle to keep your baby safe and secure as it is gently lulled to sleep. The hammock also has a locking position, to keep it from swaying when necessary.

The Koala is designed to be extra portable and convenient for travel. It only weighs 3.4kg and folds down to fit easily in its canvas bag. It can be set up anywhere with flat ground; in the bedroom, the kitchen, in the garden, or on trips away from home. No tools are necessary for set up, and the hammock can be removed for periodic washing.

The Koala is widely loved online, and makes a wonderful and relatively affordable option. It makes the best baby hammock for parents who are very active and mobile, or who just like the ability to set up the hammock around the house or yard.


  • Portable and light
  • Good price
  • Can be hung on stand or on doorway


  • Stand must be purchased separately.

3. Amazonas Kangoo

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The next choice on our list of best baby hammocks in another hammock by Amazonas, the Amazonas Hammock Kangoo. At this price, the Kangoo is slightly cheaper than its big brother the Koala. Like other child hammocks, such as the Nature’s Nest, the Kangoo is suspended from a single point above the hammock, which requires a separate suspension or stand, such as the Amazonas Door Clamp, which sells for 19 and allows you to hang the hammock from a doorway. Other options include the Amazonas Carrello Baby stand, which can hold up to 35kg, and the Amazonas Hippo.

The Kangoo can hold a child up to 15kg, and includes a sewn-in, 5-point safety harness and buckle for peace of mind. It can also be buttoned up at both ends to keep your baby warm, safe and secure. As the hammock is designed with “bag-like” shape, the weight of the child weighs it down and keeps the baby from moving back and forth. Like the Amazonas Koala, the Kangoo is made of 100% soft, all-natural cotton.

One complaint about the Kangoo, however, was that it was a bit small for some children; some users said that their children over 6 months of age were too big for it. It may be best intended, then, for younger infants and newborns. Other than that, it is a safe, soft and comfy hammock. Just remember that you will need to buy a stand for it, which means that it is effectively more expensive than the price tag would suggest.


  • Soft, cotton build
  • Sewn-in safety harness


  • Stand must be bought separately
  • Not for older infants
  • Hammock Bliss – Sky Hammock

4. Hammock Bliss Sky Baby Hammock Swing

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Up next on our best baby hammock reviews list is the Sky Baby Hammock by Hammock Bliss. At this price point, this is the cheapest and one of the simplest baby hammock’s available today. It is built in a more traditional hammock style, consisting of little more than a sheet and durable hanging straps with which to set it up. The Sky Baby is built out of two layers of strong parachute material, and the hanging straps are built of heavy-duty 6mm climbing rope, 200cm long on each end. This gives the Sky the freedom to be set up almost anywhere – the crib, a bed, or on the go. At 70cm by 127cm long, Hammock Bliss says that the size of the hammock is large enough for the baby to move around, and not fall out, but not so large as to get lost or trapped inside.

The Sky Baby is machine-washable, and rated to withhold up to 100lbs. It completely folds up and sticks into a storage/carry pouch that fits right into your hand. The parachute material it is made of is 100% BPA free, keeping your child safe from harmful chemicals and materials.

Some users have express concern about the safety of the Sky Baby. Its looser construction and lack of safety harnesses found in other hammock models such as the Nature’s Nest or the Amazonas Koala, means that the baby is not as secure as in other, more featured models. Thus, the Sky is best used under close supervision – not as a place to let the baby sleep unsupervised or for long. Otherwise, it’s an affordable, easy option for a child hammock.


  • Price
  • Simplicity


  • Not the safest or most secure
  • Child should not be left alone

5. La Siesta Yayita Organic

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The La Siesta Yayita Organic Baby Hammock sells for ££, making it a rather affordable option for a baby hammock. It is made of out of robust, cultivated bamboo and sewn from 100% organic, fair-trade cotton. It is weatherproof, saying you can leave it outside all year if you desire, as well as machine-washable. The hammock itself includes a padded surface, to make it safer and more comfortable for the baby, and the shape is designed to provide a cosy, safe and secure place for the baby to gently rock back and forth to sleep. Some users also say that it is rather large and spacious, providing ample room for even older, larger babies.

Like the Amazonas Kangoo, the Yayita can be hung from several different places; from a stand, available separately, or from a doorway or ceiling. These items will have to be purchased separately, and thus, will add to the final cost of the hammock. Be sure to take that into account when making a decision on which to purchase.  It has a bamboo spreader bar, which keeps it properly and evenly hung at all times. It does not, however, come with buttons or a safety harness built in, as so many other baby hammocks in its price range do. It weighs only 2kg and is very easily taken and carried around for easy set up wherever you go.

The La Siesta starts at ££ for just the hammock alone, and the stand retails for a little more. Adding the stand will put the hammock in about the same price range as the Poco Baby, but you also have the option of less expensive doorway hooks. It is well reviewed on Amazon, and users love the organic, natural look of the bamboo and cotton. Overall, it’s another safe, solid and high-quality option when looking for the best baby hammock.


  • Organic cotton and bamboo build
  • Can be hung from stand or doorway, etc
  • Premium Build Quality
  • Light and Portable

Top 5 Baby Hammocks Comparison Table

Product ModelMade From MaterialStand Included
Poco Baby Nature’s NestCotton, WoodYes
Amazonas KangooCottonNo
Amazonas KoalaCottonNo
Sky BabyPolyesterNo
La Siesta YayitaCotton, BambooNo

Other Considerations Before Buying

There are few different types of baby hammocks available on the market today. The most widely-liked and high-quality– such as the Poco Baby Nature’s Nest – tend to be full hammock and stand systems, constructed out of soft, natural materials such as organic cotton. They are designed to be very easy to setup, easy to use, and sturdy.

Some, like the Amazonas Koala, use the similar design and build, but the hammock detaches from the stand and may be hung from other places, such as in doorways or from the ceiling, with proper accessories.

The stand must also be purchased separately, making the price comparably more. There are also much cheaper and simpler options, like the Hammock Bliss Sky, which provide quick and easy places for the baby to rest, but are not suitable for leaving the child unsupervised.

When choosing a hammock you will also want to keep in mind the material it is made of. Most hammocks are made of 100% organic, which gives a soft and easy place for the child to rest, but others are made of wool and/or synthetic fibres. If your baby has an allergy or sensitivity to any of these materials, it may develop a rash or similar side effects. Cotton hammocks also have the added convenience of being machine-washable.

Lastly, you will also make sure your baby likes the way the hammock feels and rocks back and forth. Of course, you may not know this until you purchase it and try it out. Some hammocks and retailers include a warranty guarantee for this reason.

Final Word on The Best UK Hammocks for a Baby Reviews

Any of these from our best baby hammock list would make a good choice for your rocking your child gently to sleep.

We would recommend the Poco Baby Nature’s Nest as our Top Pick.

While it is the most expensive hammock we reviewed, it is also the most well-liked and well-reviewed, and includes the stand – which is actually the most expensive part. It includes everything you need to get going, and is easily taken down, packed up and carried around, at only a few kilograms. It can hold children up to 20lbs with the included build, and up to 45lbs with the separately purchased heavy-duty spring, designed for toddlers. It also, unlike the other hammocks on this list, comes with a wooden stand to hang from included, making any other purchases unnecessary. All in all, it’s a high-quality, solid choice.

If you’re just looking for something cheaper or do no not need stand, the Amazonas Koala or Kangoo with additional door clamp comes in at a good price, coming in at about half the cost of the Nature’s Nest.

Hopefully you have all the information you need from our reviews of the best baby hammocks on the UK market, to ensure you get the right pick for you and your child.

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