Best Nappy Bins UK Reviews of 2019

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So you’ve came here looking for the best nappy bin, but what exactly is a nappy bin, and when should you use one? A nappy bin is designed in a way to seal in the odour of used diapers in ways that a regular trash can can’t. Many of them are even designed to trap in as much smell as possible when opening and closing the trap door, eliminating how much of it escapes and reaches your nose! Some are even capable of trapping most of the smell in while changing bags!

We’ve put together a short buying guide for you, to take a look at some of the best options available today.

​Reviews of the Best Nappy Bin in the UK for 2019

1. Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal Tub

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First up is the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec. At this price, it is a very affordable option for a nappy bin. The Sangenic is a rather simple and straightforward nappy bin; instead of sealed compartments and trapdoors, the Sangenic simply wraps each diaper individually in a multi-layer, odour-blocking antibacterial film before depositing them into the big. Tommee Tippe says this antibacterial film kills 99.99% percent of germs on contact. Just place the diaper into the well until gripped by the film, and twist the dial to wrap it tightly. You can then push the diaper into the bin using the Easi-Push plunger built into the pail lid, without needing to touch the diaper again. All this can be done with one hand, making it quick and easy to use, which makes it one of the best nappy disposal system you can buy.

When you are ready to empty the bin and change the bag, the pail comes with a built-in cutter to cut the bag free quickly and easily. Simply twist the bag around the cutter, tie it, and toss it out! The bin can hold up to 28 nappies, making it a very large bin that reduces how often you will need to empty it. At 34cm tall and 1.8kg, it is a very compact, lightweight and sleek bin that can fit just about anywhere. It is also available in white, pink and green options.

The Sangenic is a very popular bin. At this price point, it’s a quick, easy and cheap way to keep the smell under control!


  • Price
  • Hands-Free Plunger
  • Antibacterial Film


  • Plastic Construction

2. Angelcare Nappy Disposal System

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The Angelcare is another simple, straightforward device to keep the smell from dirty nappies at bay. Unlike the Sangenic, the Angelcare requires no twisting; simply push the dirty nappy through the top and into the bin. The Angelcare uses a clamp system, Air-Seal technology that keeps odours right where they belong – in the bin, with the diapers. All nappies are collected by plastic bags that come in plastic cartridges. The full bags can be removed using the built-in cutter to separate the plastic bags, and then taken out into the trash.

The Angelcare uses plastic cartridges to make refilling the plastic liners quick and easy. Each cartridge lasts, according to Angelcare, on average 28 days. Angelcare also that this allows it to use up to 4 times less plastic than other bin systems. However, each child is a little bit different, so you may use more or less plastic bags and cartridges. You will, of course, want to factor the cost of these cartridges into your budget when determine which bin to get; some customers have complained that these cartridges can be expensive. Some people also said that the plastic itself picks up odours and starts to smell after a while, meaning it may not be the longest lasting bin out there.

But if you’re looking for an extremely cheap and simple nappy bin, the Angelcare is not a bad choice, at such a low price. Just remember to calculate in your cartridge refills.


  • Cheap
  • Air-Seal Technology


  • Cost of refillable Cartridges add up, waste plastic

3. Korbell Nappy Disposal Bin – Standard (16 Litre)

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Next up is the Korbell Nappy Disposal Bin. Here, we start to get into some of the more advanced and expensive models of nappy bin. With this price tag, the Korbell is still quite affordable, but at almost three times the price of the Angelcare or Sangenic – but has a lot more features for the price!

The Korbell includes a trap door beneath the foldable lid that traps odours inside. The lid and trap door are operated by a foot pedal, so it’s almost entirely hands-free. Simply push the pedal and drop in the nappy. The bin actually has three different seals to trap in odours: a rubber seal around the lid, a seal around the trap door, and the plastic liner that contains the nappies themselves. The trapdoor and lid also includes buttons to childproof them, and keep pets out as well. Like other models, the Korbell also includes a cutter to make replacing liners quick and easy. Each liner can hold up to 25 nappies, and refills are available online. As before, you should remember to factor the cost of refills into your decision.

The Korbell has solid reviews and 4.5 stars on Amazon. Users say that it is effective at trapping in smells, and very to use and refill. Overall, it’s a good bin with a durable plastic body and some nice features.


  • Triple Seal
  • Hands Free Design with Foot Pedal


  • Must Purchase Refills
  • Plastic construction absorbs smell

4. Diaper Champ 3041 R, Blue, Nappy Bin, Regular

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The Diaper Champ is one of the more expensive diaper bins available, selling for £££. It is made of durable and sturdy plastic, and can hold up to 30 diapers before needing to be emptied. Unlike most other nappy bins, the Diaper Champ does not use any special bags or liners. Any normal trash bag or liner will work well. This eliminates for purchasing expensive refills or cartridges, saving both money and plastic. It can be operated with one hand – simply drop the nappy into the bin, rotate the top with the handle, and the nappy will fall into the bag, all without breaking the seal and releasing smelly odours. The rotating top section of the bin comes off when it is time to empty the bin, and comes apart for easy cleaning.

The Diaper Champ is well-liked by users, with 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. It is a bit pricey compared to some of the other options, but makes up for it with the lack of need for special liners or cartridges, which will cut down significantly on cost.


  • Uses Regular Kitchen Bags; no need to buy cartridges


  • Expensive
  • Plastic Build

5. Ubbi Diaper Pail/Nappy Bin

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The Ubbi is a premium diaper pail. It is the only one on our list that is not made with plastic, constructed instead out of powder-coated steel, which, unlike plastic, keeps smells trapped inside the bin. The Ubbi also uses a sliding lid that minimises the amount of air that escape from the bin, and has a safety lock on both the sliding and top-closing lids to keep kids (and pets) out. Both the top rim and the sliding lid have rubber seals for added protection.

Like the Diaper Champ, it does need any special kind of liner or cartridge, and simply uses any tall kitchen bag available – resulting in massive savings on reusable liners and bags. The Ubbi is tall enough to hold up to 50 nappies before needing to be emptied.  Its size and shape are convenient for fitting into corners and tight places, and its sleek appearance blends in well with all sorts of rooms and interiors, and is available in 10 colours. The only potential drawback, besides price, is that it doesn’t have foot pedal like other models (such as the Diaper Champ). Instead, the sliding lid on top must be opened by hand – making it perhaps a little difficult to use with diaper in one hand and baby in the other.

The Ubbi has actually received several awards for its unique design and high-quality construction, including the Top Choice Award from Baby Maternity Magazine in 2014, and Gold for Best Baby and Toddler Gear by Mum in 2015. It is well-liked by users, with 4/5 stars on Amazon, and sells for a reasonable price. It’s a bit more expensive than some of the other models, but makes up for it with its premium, high-quality design and build. If you’re looking to invest in a nappy bin, this is an excellent choice that will last a long time.


  • Steel Construction
  • Premium Quality
  • Uses Kitchen Bags
  • Safety lock


  • Price
  • Sliding Lid requires use of hands

Advantages of A Nappy Disposal System

  • When changing a nappy or diaper you can be subject to bacteria and an awful smell.
  • The major benefits to these bins are that they offer anti-bacterial protection from all the nasty germs that that come with a dirty nappy.
  • They are also very effective and negating any bad smells you may get after a change, sealing and trapping the odours effectively in the bin.
  • They also allow a quick diaper change for you child, removing the worry of a dirty one going all over the floor or worktop.

We all know what it’s like when you’ve had to change a child’s nappy several times within a short period of time, more trips to your bin.

Most models you will find come with plenty of space for multiple changes, sealing each individual one separately. Because you can store a good amount, this eliminates the amount of trips you will need to dispose of them, and allows you to get rid of a batch of them in a winner.

Little to no maintenance is required for them, just the need to replace the refill cassettes from time-to-time. Setting one up is a very simple and can be done in a matter of seconds, so no special no-how is required, and you should be able to have one up and functioning straight out of the box.

Refilling the disposal system is also very simple and is just a matter of removing and dropping a new one straight in. A lot of people purchase special bags to bag up dirty nappies, sometimes using 2 or 3 bags per change, purchasing one of these models will also eliminate the need for buying lots of separate bags to bag them all up.

Most models you will find on the UK market are of good quality, especially your Tommee Tippee and Angelcare models. Just make sure to read through what each one has to offer you, so you can spend your money on the best diaper bin for you and your child’s needs.

Some features to consider when purchasing one:

Top 5 Nappy Bins Comparison Table

Product ImageProduct ModelType of BagsMade From Material
Tommee Tippee SangenicAnti-bacterial, refillPlastic
Angelcare Nappy Disposal SystemPlastic cartridge refillPlastic
Korbell Standard 16LCartridge refillPlastic
Diaper Champ 3041 Nappy BinKitchen bagsABS Plastic
Ubbi Diaper PailKitchen bagsSteel

Other Considerations Before Buying

It is true that you could just use a regular trash can. However, you will probably find that you are constantly holding your nose, or taking your trash out a lot more often. You may not need a diaper bin while your baby is still eating liquid foods, but when it starts eating solids – that’s when things really begin to smell.

Nappy bins accomplish their mission using a combination of sealed compartments, trap doors, and anti-bacterial films that kill germs and trap odours in. Many bins will wrap each diaper individually as it is pushed through the opening, to really minimise the amount of escaped smell.

When looking into purchasing a nappy pail, you will want to consider a few things. First, how well does it trap in the smell? That is probably the most important consideration. Metal bins, though more expensive, will be more effective at trapping odours than plastic bins, which are porous and can absorb odours. Second, how easy is it to use? Can you get a diaper in properly with one hand, and a baby in the other? You’ll also want to consider the price, as well as the cost of diaper bag refills over the life of the pail.

When considering cost and how much you are willing to invest in a bin, also keep in mind the cost of the special refillable cartridges that many bins – especially the anti-bacterial ones – require. These plastic bag and cartridge refills, while often more convenient, are more expensive than regular kitchen bags, and the cost adds up quickly. Some models simply use regular kitchen trash bags, which are considerably cheaper. Many models also have side-opening access doors, to make removing full diaper bags much easier.

Final Word on The Best UK Bin for Nappies Reviews

All in all, we would recommend the Ubbi as the top Pick from our nappy bin reviews. It is one of the more expensive choices on our list (though a little bit less than the Diaper Champ), but includes some serious features for the price, and a very heavy-duty construction. Should you be looking for a less expensive option, the Korbell is a solid choice as well. It is very similar to the Ubbi in terms of features, but it built out of less expensive and less durable plastic, rather than the Ubbi’s powder-steel. You will, however, have to factor in the cost of Korbell refill packages, and those add up quite quickly. The Tommee Tippee Sangenic also provides a great, compact value at a much more affordable price, should you just be looking for the cheapest option available – but likewise, you will have to add the extra cost of Sangenic refills. The Diaper Champ, while a nice bin, is too expensive for what it offers – plastic construction – compared to the slightly cheaper but more solid Ubbi.

Any of these are good solutions if you’re looking for the best nappy disposal bin, and in the end, it will mostly come down to how much you are willing to spend on a bin, and whether you want to put extra effort into replacing bags and cartridges, or wish to just use regular kitchen bags. Our advice is to spend a little extra for one with metal construction, which will pay off by helping keep odours trapped in and from absorbing into the material. We hope our best nappy bin reviews have in some small way helped you to find your ideal choice.

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