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Child Bath Safety Tips for New Parents

Child Bath Safety


Bath time is inevitable for all parents, just make sure it’s an enjoyable experience. Too many times you hear of accidents involving a child at bath time that could have easily been avoided with some simple precautions.

How to Keep Keep Your Child Safe in the Bath

  1. Never Leave Your Child Unattended: The most important thing to remember is that under NO circumstances should you EVER leave the child unattended in the bath, even for a few seconds. As a parent you should be solely focused on the bathing, if any distractions pop up such as your phone ringing, your door going, then they should all be ignored until after the bathing session.
  2. No Electrical Appliances Near the Bath: Standard practice for any adult especially with a child around, is to make sure that no electrical appliances are near the bath. This is just common sense but again is overlooked by many parents. Also, ensure that you get the right amount of water and temperature ahead of putting your child in the tub, saving you from having to put more water in that could be too hot or cold while the child is in it. Typically the water temperature should be a little on the cooler side of what an adult is used to, again test this yourself ahead of time.
  3. Use Baby Bath Products to Secure Your Child: Make sure the child is safe and secure in the tub, with the use of baby bath seats you ensure the child isn’t going to fall or slip about. Of course different models have different qualities, so make sure you get one to suit your needs. If you do use a bath seat then don’t automatically assume the child is secure in it, you still have to make sure the child is supported correctly. A basic bath mat can also be used for your little one if you want a little extra grip for them, however, always make it clear to the toddler that they can never stand up in the tub, unless supported fully by yourself.
  4. Use Baby Friendly Bath Products: Try to avoid using as much different soaps and shampoos as you can, as they have an adverse effect on the child’s skin. Make sure to use specific shampoos designed for children, as normal adult ones are not recommended.


There you have it, our small guide to making bath time a better experience for both parent and child. The main thing to take away from this is to just generally be in full control of bath time, keep a close eye on everything that happens, and NEVER leave an infant themselves in a bath, regardless of the excuse.