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How To Protect Your Child’s Hearing From Loud Noises

How To Protect Your Child's Ears From Loud Noises

Loud noises are always threat to our hearing. Damage to hearing depends upon the intensity (loudness) and duration of exposure to noises.

If the noise is too loud and it last for longer duration, the effect of noise is more. And most importantly child’s ears are more susceptible to noises and even a small increase in intensity of noise can lead to permanent hearing loss in children. So parents must be very careful and always be conscious about their child’s ear.

There are some of the ways that every parent must follow in order to protect their child’s ears from loud noises and prevent any kind of hearing impairments.

How to Protect Your Child’s Hearing

  1. Control volume of Television: Children tend to watch any programs on television with high volume whether it is their favourite cartoons, movies or music. The constant exposure to high volume causes decrease in hearing capacity in children. And children start to complain that they don’t hear the voice clearly in low volume. So first and foremost, parents must restrict their children to watch the television programs with loud volume.
  2. Decrease the use of earphones: Everyone loves to hear the music through earphones and there are number of quality earphones in market nowadays. But using earphones and hearing music with loud volume impairs the hearing ability in long term basis. So parents should counsel their children not to use earphone continuously and take a break.
  3. Reduce noises in home: There are many residential products that create loud noises. For example, the machine used to pump the water in home. Even the toys we bring for our children create noises that hamper their hearing. So parents must be careful about these things and reduce the stuffs that create heavy noise in home.
  4. Avoid loud noises: The best solution to properly take care of one’s child hearing is to teach them to avoid loud noises. Parents should teach their children to either close their ears when they encounter loud noises or provide them with some sort of ear defenders. So in any circumstances where the children feel the noises loud, they follow what they have been taught. And also hearing protectors reduces the effects of loud noise on children ears.
  5. Silent environment: Children must be sent to children’s library or Montessori which is away from the noises. The silent environment helps children not only to learn better but it protect their hearing too.


Keeping all these things in mind, every parent should always take care of their children and protect them from loud noises. It leads to their happy and healthy life.