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How to Save Money On Nappies

How To Save Money On Nappies

One thing that you absolutely cannot miss off the shopping list as a new parent are nappies. We all know your baby needs them, unless you want to deal with a horrible mess and smell throughout the house all day.

But, why can they be so expensive?

There’s enough babies being born every day to keep the nappy companies’ pockets filled. It’s one thing that has always annoyed us, so we went and did some research to see if there was any way we could save money on the nappy bill so that instead, you could spend that money on taking the kids out instead of taking the nappies out.

How to Save Money When Buying Nappies

  1. If you’re pregnant and thinking about stocking up on newborn nappies; don’t. They’re really not in them for long and then you will be left with a ton of nappies that you no longer need. We’d recommend buying a few packets before baby is born to last you the first few days after birth. If your child is anything like mine was, they’ll grow out of them very quickly.
  2. Keep an eye out for coupons. Often, nappy companies will put a coupon for money off or a buy one get one free deal. Collect a few of those and you may save yourself a fair whack.
  3. Take as much help as you can get. Often, your health visitor or Doctor may hand out packets here and there or even just little sample packets. Take them, even if your baby hasn’t grown to that size yet you can keep them for when they do. Also, if friends or family ask you if you need anything for the baby, ask them to buy a packet of nappies. It will save your purse and also your house being cluttered by unwanted baby items.
  1. Take yourself back to the golden ages. When disposable nappies weren’t a thing, reusable nappies were used. They’re still very widely available, but tend not to be the favourable option because it is so much easier to just bag up a disposable nappy than cleaning a cloth one. Even if you only used the cloth ones at home and took disposable nappies out, it would save you loads of money.
  2. Make sure the nappy is secure! I made this mistake so many times when my little one was first born. I was worried about doing it up too tight and then within half an hour I was changing him again because it wasn’t secure enough and he had leaked out. Even if that’s the only thing you do, you will notice an immediate difference.

There are of course, many other ways to save money on nappies like, switching to a cheaper brand (obviously this is only suitable if you babies skin isn’t super sensitive), holding out as long as possible before going up a size in nappies, and using a proper storage bin for them. Obviously the bigger nappies are going to cost more.

We hope our list has helped you come up with some ideas and also hopefully it will save you some money too.

Happy nappy hunting!