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Ways to Dispose of a Dirty Nappy

Ways to Dispose of a Dirty Nappy

As a parent, you should know how to dispose of a dirty nappy safely. There are different factors you should consider when disposing of the dirty nappy. First, you should ensure you dispose it off well and avoid the bad smell. The place where you will dispose it of should not pollute the environment. The smell from the dirty nappy can be a problem, but if you follow the right steps, you can dispose of the nappy without letting the faeces smell in your room or even in a plane where you travel. There are specialized nappy bins you can buy for you to lock the dirty nappies if you are traveling so that you can avoid bad smell till you reach a destination to throw them.

4 Ways to Dispose of a Dirty Nappy

1. Start by dumping all faeces from the nappy into a toilet

It is necessary for you to reduce chances of bacterial growth as well as getting rid of bad odour. Your toilet is the best place to empty all faeces so that you can have a nappy which is easy to dispose of. Gently remove all faeces from the nappy and flush the toilet. It makes it easy for you to reduce solid materials in the dirty nappy so that you can proceed to dispose of it safely. It can be a bit messy if you will carry a used nappy with faeces to your disposal point.

2. Tie the used nappy up to reduce spillage

For you to reduce chances of spillage, it is advisable for you to wrap the used nappy so that you can avoid spillage. Some nappies come with tape sections which you can utilize to tie them up before you dispose of them.

3. Carry the used nappy in a sealed trash can

A sealed trash can is the right unit for you to use when carrying the used nappy. It will reduce odour in your room hence making it comfortable to handle the used nappy. Sometimes you may like to keep several nappies before you can dispose them at once, a sealed trash can allows you to collect several used nappies safely so that you can dispose of them later.

4. Place them in an airtight bag and throw in a dustbin

There are dustbins provided in your residential area, to avoid bad odour, you can place the used nappy in an airtight bag and place on the dustbin. If you use a dumpster, you can place the sealed bag in the dumpster so that it can be taken away by garbage collectors to the dumping site.