So, you want to find out more about keeping your baby or toddler safe? We’re glad you stopped by. We hope you find our site useful, if even in some small way.

We have had our own experiences with young children, and know how much of a handful they can be at times. Children just love to touch, pick-up, and climb on everything. They also seem to magically have this ability to fall over fresh air.

Although parenting is extremely rewarding and great fun overall, it is still very challenging at times. Attempting to keep your child out of harm’s way is a hard job and involves a steep learning curve. We all know children will have accidents, but as a parent you want to minimise these as best you can. Having eyes in the back of the head would be a handy upgrade for any parent!

Why did we build this website? As we looked for information about child safety and child safety products, the range of advice and products out there is huge. Some is very good, and some of it conflicting. A fair amount is mixed with the downright useless – written by non-parents, we suspect.

Initially when looking for a baby monitor it can be very daunting, and finding a good starting point can be tricky. You should dedicate a good amount of time researching what the best baby products are for your needs, after all we are talking about your child’s safety here! We were thorough with our research, going through review after review, to compile all our findings and research in to one easy to understand website.

We do not have any qualifications in child safety, but what we do have is years of experience with children, and our knowledge from speaking with other parents, to find out what works best for each individual case.

The articles and reviews on this website are written by us. Any advice or information is written as honestly and accurately as possible. If a product has some bad points, or is not a wise investment, we will not shy away from stating so.

That’s us and our website in a nutshell, and we hope you will pick up some valuable information along the way. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback we would love to hear from you, contact us here and a member of our team will respond as quickly as possible.

Thanks for looking, and remember to always keep your child safe!