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How To Save Money On Nappies

One thing that you absolutely cannot miss off the shopping list are nappies. Your baby needs them, unless you want a horrible mess and putrid smell throughout the house 345734506 times a day. So why are they so expensive? There’s enough babies being born every day to keep the nappy companies’ pockets filled. It’s one […]

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How To Protect Your Child’s Ears From Loud Noises

Loud noises are always threat to our hearing. Damage to hearing depends upon the intensity (loudness) and duration of exposure to noises. If the noise is too loud and it last for longer duration, the effect of noise is more. And most importantly child’s ears are more susceptible to noises and even a small increase […]

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Child Bath Safety

​ Bath time is inevitable for all parents, just make sure it’s an enjoyable experience. Too many times you hear of accidents involving a child at bath time that could have easily been avoided with some simple precautions. The most important thing to remember is that under NO circumstances should you EVER leave the child […]

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Ways to Dispose of a Dirty Nappy

As a parent, you should know how to dispose of a dirty nappy safely. There are different factors you should consider when disposing of the dirty nappy. First, you should ensure you dispose it off well and avoid the bad smell. The place where you will dispose it of should not pollute the environment. The […]

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Ways To Help Your Child Sleep

How to get a child to sleep is probably hardest to address when you are sleep deprived as well. Even at this point, each baby has its preferences. And they may not be able to verbalise them, but you get their point at 3 a.m. when they are crying and still not asleep. Here are […]

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How to Stop your Baby’s Hiccups

Stopping Baby Hiccups

  How to Stop your Baby’s Hiccups We are all familiar with the strange sensation of having the hiccups. While it can be annoying for adults to have a bout of hiccups, it is completely normal for newborn babies. Infants up to a year old may get the hiccups several times a day and can […]

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How to Sleep When You’re Pregnant

Sleeping When Pregnant

  How to Sleep When You’re Pregnant Everybody is familiar with the scenario of the exhausted new parents who are up at all hours of the night taking care of a crying baby. When you got pregnant, you probably thought that you have nine months to rest up and get all that sleep in advance, […]

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How to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

Loosing Weight While Breastfeeding

  How to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding It’s easy for new moms to feel the pressure to lose weight once they’ve had their babies. While it’s healthy to start losing your baby weight while breastfeeding, it’s important to pace yourself. Remember that you took 9 months to put on that weight, so plan for around […]

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Analogue vs Digital Baby Monitor

A baby monitor gives you piece of mind as you get on with jobs around your house. As a parent or guardian you may be wondering what type of baby monitor to buy? There are quite a few baby monitors available on the market. Analogue vs digital baby monitor is one question you maybe thinking […]

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Stop your Wi-fi baby monitor getting hacked

Over the past few years there have been more stories about wireless Wi-fi baby monitors being hacked. These people (hackers) break into your home network and gain access to your baby monitor’s web camera. I know, I know, they need a stern talking to, or something a little bit stronger. Why do these people hack […]

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Baby Monitor Interference

Wireless devices, including baby monitors, can suffer from interference from other electronic devices. It can happen when you are using your mobile phone or trying to re-connect to your wireless broadband connection. When it happens, baby monitor interference is a pain. Compared to their analogue counterparts, digital baby monitors are less prone to interference. However, […]

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