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The Best Baby Bath Seats in the UK 2024 Review

Babies feet in bath water

Giving a baby a bath can be both a bit difficult and a nerve-wracking challenge.

Buying the best baby bath seat can turn that into a much more manageable and less stressful experience.

Bath seats are designed to make bathing a baby a little easier – not only because you do not have to hold the baby, but also because the baby may not like water.

They can be lie-back seats that are placed on the floor of the tub, or they can be more upright, bucket shaped seats that support the baby in a sitting position.

We’ve put together a short buying guide for you, to take a look at some of the best options available today.

​​Top 5 Best Baby Bath Seats in the UK for 2024

The best baby bath seats to buy are:

1. Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support

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Key Features

  • Suitable For Ages: Newborns – 6 month Olds
  • Weight Limit: Up to 14 kgs
  • For babies who cannot sit upright
  • Available in three colours: blue, pink, grey
  • Ergonomic design; mesh build
  • Soft plastic molds to baby as it warms up

The Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support is one the best selling bath seats for a baby at Amazon. It sells for for a low price, and comes in both blue and pink. It is ergonomically designed to provide the most comfortable and optimal position and support for your child to lay down it. It is made of soft TPE plastic, which warms up to the warm temperature of the water, and provides grip to keep the baby from slipping. The bottom is also anti-slip, which keeps it securely planted on the floor the of tub – it’s not going anywhere. The base has a water level indicator, and two carry handles for extra convenience. The Angelcare also has a hook on the backside, so it can be hung on the wall or out of the way when not in use.

This particular Angelcare and its lay-down design makes it the best baby bath seat for newborns, and babies who cannot yet sit up. If you’re looking for an upright seat, in which an older baby (6-12 months) can sit upright, you may want to take a look at the Angelcare seat – it’s almost the same thing.

The mesh material the seat is made of is grippy, and allows for water to drain and dry out easily and quickly. The support is also made up entirely of DEHP, BBP, and BDP-free materials, and is mold-resistant. It can support a child up to 14kg (about 6 months of age).

At this low price tag, it is both a very affordable and a very high-quality bath seat, and provides excellent value.

2. Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Seat

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Key Features

  • Suitable For Ages: up to 6 month old
  • Weight Limit: Up to 12 kgs
  • Ergonomic design
  • Water level indicator for safe use in the bath
  • Four strong suction cups

The Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Seat is very similar to the Angelcare Support, with the exact same materials and a similar design. It is, however,  designed for older babies  – who can sit up straight – in mind. It has three legs with suction cups, to keep it stable in the tub, which are controlled by tabs to release or to unreleased them. They also have a soft mesh plastic seat for the baby to sit upright in. The soft-touch TPE plastic warms to the baby’s temperature that of the water to keep them comfortable. It is also mold-resistant, and designed to quickly drain water out. It also has a water level indicator to mark the proper safe height for water in the tub.

The Angelcare Bath Seat should be stored upside down, to preserve the quality of the suction cups. It is primarily designed for babies 6-12 months of age and up to 26.5lbs.

The Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Seat is a very well-made, well-reviewed and still affordable bath seat. It offers premium quality and build.

3. Dreambaby Super Comfy

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Key Features

  • Suitable For Ages: 6 – 24 month olds
  • Weight Limit: 6.5 – 13 kgs
  • Padded backrest and seat with opening front door bumper bar
  • Star changes color based on water temperature for entertainment
  • Four suctions cup to secure to bath

The Dreambaby Bath seat is an upright design, made for babies between who are 6-24 months old.

It has an extra-large opening front, that makes getting the baby in and out really easy, using two sliding buttons.  A cool added feature of the Dreambaby is the star on the front of the seat, which changes to color to alert when the water is getting too hot – though some reviewers say that it is not a very reliable way to keep an eye on the temperature. Always be sure to monitor the water temperature yourself, to keep the baby comfortable and safe. The Dreambaby also uses extra-strong and durable suction cups to hold the seat down, and also has large, easy-release tabs to make it extremely easy to use. There is extra padded cushioning inside the seat, to make it more comfortable – but one common complaint is that it could use more padding – especially on the front of the sliding front, which rubs up against the baby’s belly.

This is an affordable way to make baby-bathing easy and hands free, while still remaining safe. Still, it is a well-liked bath seat that will work well for just about anything.

4. Safety 1st Swivel

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Key Features

  • Suitable For Ages: 6 – 12 month Olds
  • Weight Limit: 7 – 10 kgs
  • For babies who can sit upright only
  • Roller ball and 360 swivel function to entertain child
  • Four suctions cup to secure to bath

The Safety First Swivel Bath Seat is an excellent option for a simple, affordable and no-frills bath seat. At its price point, it is one of the cheapest and most affordable bath seats you will be able to find. It is built out of solid, hard plastic, which keeps cost down but also does not provide fantastic build quality. With an ergonomic backrest that supports your baby while being bathed. It also has a roller ball toy to keep the child entertained. It is suitable for children from 6 months to 1 year old, and who weight up to 13kg. The base of the seat has four rubber suction pads, to ensure that it does not slip around dangerously in the bathtub.

This is a simple and easy choice for a no-frills tub.

5. Rotho Babydesign

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Key Features

  • Suitable For Ages: 7-16 month olds
  • Weight Limit: Up to 13 kgs
  • Designed for older babies transitioning from lying to sitting
  • Non-slip seats
  • Fold up front
  • Available in four colour options

The Rotho Babydesign Baby Bath Seat is designed to transition the baby from bathing lying down, to bathing sitting in an upright position. The armrests and very large backrest are meant to support the baby, so he or she does not have to hold themselves up completely. Non-slip matte seats are to ensures the baby is kept upright and feels safe the whole time. The ring and hand-rests can be folded up any time, to get the baby in and out more easily, and it is equipped with a child safety catch. Its four powerful suction feet are better at holding the bath seat firmly in its place inside the bathtub. The Rotho also has a fold up front, that makes putting the baby in and out a breeze.

The Rotho can hold babies up to 13kg. It’s a great bath seat for an affordable price, and comes in a wide-variety of colors. It has 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, and is very well-liked and reviewed online.

How to Find the Best Option

Knowing your specific needs and baby’s preferences will help determine the best bath seat for your baby.

Consider the following factors:

  1. Age Limit – When choosing a bath seat, you will want to look for one that is first designed for babies of the same age as yours.
  2. Weight Limit – Each type fo bath seat has a weight limit. Check the weight limit restrictions per product to make sure you get a bath seat that is suitable for the size of your child.
  3. Play Attachments – Most of them have straps with buckles or bumper bars to help support your baby while keeping him or her safely inside the seat. A few even have toys built in to help keep the child entertained along with the soap bubbles in the bath.
  4. Type of Bath Surface Attachments – You will want to pay attention to how secure the seat is within the tub, and whether it uses a gripping surface to keep traction, or suction cup legs that clamp down on the tub surface. Most use suction cups – but suction cups of poor quality will slip and be much less reliable.
  5. Travel-Friendly – Some bath seats are easy to take on a travel trip whilst some others are not.
  6. Sit upright or Reclined Type – Babies who are not yet able to sit up unaided will need a laying down reclining model, while older babies can use the sit-upright models.
  7. Non-Slip Surface – Younger babies move around a lot in the bath and can get slippy with the soap and need a non-slip surface option so they stay in one place.

Safety Concern

Bath seats remain controversial for some parents because of the possible dangers associated with them.

The biggest risk being that some parents often get a false sense of security with their child in a bath ring, often leaving them just for a minute, but the danger is that a baby then falls over into the bath water.

Always maintain close supervision of your child at all times.

Our Favourite Bath Seat

The Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Seat is our favourite because it’s easy for new parents to use and has nice features like the water level indicator mark to help parents and the ability to lay baby down a little bit to help soothe them whilst they have thier bath.