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Summer Infant Baby Touch Plus Review

Summer Infant Baby Touch Plus

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Plus is relatively new to the market and replaces the previous model; the BabyTouch (the ‘Plus’ makes all the difference…) joking aside, the previous version was very popular and had some excellent reviews and feedback.

The new ‘super duper’ Plus version improvements include a remote pan and tilt option for the camera, a camera night light with remote on/off control, and a 200 metre range (80 metres better than the older model).

Summer Infant are well known in the baby monitor world. They also make a whole heap of other baby related products. They were the first company to launch a baby video monitor (yes really!), and have been around since 1984. With thirty years of experience, their products are regarded as high quality and essential for most mums and dads.

Summer Infant Baby Touch Plus Review

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Plus is extremely easy to set up and use. Within ten minutes, or less, you should have this baby monitor up and running, allowing you to keep an eye on your little bundle of joy.

The picture and sound quality from the monitor is very good. There should be no interference as the unit automatically chooses the best digital channel for an uninterrupted signal. Broadband routers or other types of home Wi-Fi networks can affect some baby video monitors. There are no reported issues for this model, but obviously check this out if you have a home Wi-Fi network.

Night vision mode

When it’s dark the unit automatically changes to the black and white night vision mode. The mode has good picture quality, although it could be considered to be a little grainy. All the same, night vision is now standard for all good baby video monitors; this is still a very helpful feature. It will save you many a trip down the hall or up and down stairs.

Another great option included is the ability to connect the parent unit to your TV. It has a USB and A/V jack which allows you to view the camera’s images on your television. Sky TV will come a poor second to this essential viewing.

Remote control camera unit

You can remotely control the camera with the touch screen parent unit. If you want to keep an eye on more than one child or room, you can add up to three additional cameras. The parent unit can be set to scan across installed cameras at set time intervals. You can also choose to view the images from installed cameras yourself from the touch screen unit.

The camera unit comes with a built in night light that can be switched on and off from the parent unit. There are no bright lights on the camera unit; there’s only a subtle light visible when it’s switched on. Very handy indeed, as you don’t want bright lights in your child’s room keeping them awake (some other baby monitor brands haven’t quite mastered this yet).

The picture on the parent unit switches off after three minutes when not charging to save battery life. The battery on the parent unit, from a full charge, can last up to ten hours. This is pretty good and allows you to take the parent unit with you if you are busy around the house or garden. Some other makes of baby monitor you’d be lucky to get more than two-to-three hours use from them.

What are the downsides?

There are no lullaby tunes built-in. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker, but most other makes do have this option. You could always sing to your son or daughter using the handy two-way talkback feature. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing!

One of the few downsides to this baby monitor is the camera can’t pivot as far down as required. For example, if you place it on top of a cupboard near your baby’s cot. However, mounting the camera on the wall easily solves this.

The Baby Touch Plus Main Features

  • 200m range – with out of range warning
  • Room temperature display
  • Two way talk between camera and parent units
  • Nice large 3.5″ (9cm) touch screen interface
  • Remote pan, tilt and zoom facility
  • Can work with up to three additional cameras
  • Battery life of parent unit – up to 10 hours
  • Camera night light with remote control on/off
  • Parent unit – sound-activated LED lights
  • Wall mountable
  • Magnetic charging unit
  • Travel adaptor included


The Summer Infant Baby Touch Plus is an easy to set-up and use baby monitor and delivers great picture and sound quality. It has nice big touch screen parent unit that makes controlling the camera unit a doddle. You can even connect it to your TV. An added bonus is that it’s a well designed and nice looking baby monitor – it won’t give your child nightmares!


The touch screen can be a bit sensitive; and can take a little bit of getting used to. The signal can be a little bit patchy, particularly in large houses or in the far reaches of the garden. Although other feedback says the signal works fine in a three-storey house. Either way, an out of range warning will alert you if this happens.


This is a great baby monitor. It does the basics right – it supplies a good picture and sound. The built-in options are up there with some of the more expensive baby monitors.

A few have said the signal is a bit patchy, and the night vision is a bit grainy. But the majority of feedback says it’s a great piece of kit with all the features a good baby monitor should have, without being overly complicated.

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Plus has some great touches such as the charging unit being magnetic (helps when placing it back in the dark), and being supplied with a travel adaptor. These add to the main features and make this a highly recommended video baby monitor.

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