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Tommee Tippee Sensor Monitor Review

Tommee Tippee Sensor Monitor

Tommee Tippee started trading in the USA over 50 years ago; they came to the UK back in 1965. Tommee Tippee (part of the Mayborn Group), are well known for making a bewildering range of baby and infant accessories. They are one of the top brands of baby and infant products and accessories across the world. The Tommee Tippee Sensor Monitor has a good range of features you would expect from an organisation who have been making baby and infant products for over 50 years. For a full list of features, please read on.

Tommee Tippee Sensor Monitor Review

The parent unit comes with a three inch (8 cm) colour screen so you can see your little one during the day. At night the infrared night vision switches on, and you can keep an eye on them in glorious black and white. Joking aside, both day and night modes give a clear picture on the screen.

Movement sensor pad

One of the key features the Tommee Tippee digital sensor monitor has that most others don’t is the  movement sensor pad. This sensor pad sits between your baby’s cot or bed and the mattress. It has three settings, low, medium and high and monitors your baby’s movement. If no movement is detected after 20 seconds, an alarm is activated so you can check in on your baby.

Long-distance range with out-of-range indicator

The Tommee Tippee sensor baby monitor has a range of up to 300 metres, which is impressive. Most other baby monitors have a range of up to 200 metres. This is dependent on how big your house is and how thick the walls are. Unless you live in a huge mansion, you shouldn’t have any problems. If you do, then there is an out of range (and no signal available) indicator.

This digital video monitor uses FHSS digital technology which reduces interference when in use. This means that interference from other devices such as microwaves; wireless broadband routers and mobile phones are virtually eliminated. Not 100 per cent, but close to it.

You also are able to talk to your baby through the two-way talkback feature. You can re-assure your little bundle of joy, if they wake up and just need a little sing-song or comforting words to send them back to sleep. Handy to avoid going up and down those stairs!

Room temperature display on both units

The digital video monitor also has a room temperature display, so you can see if your baby’s room is too hot or cold. The temperature is displayed on both the sending and parent unit. It is important your baby has a comfortable room temperature so they (and you!) enjoy a good night’s sleep.

The Tommee Tippee sensor monitor with sensor mat comes equipped with a night light. You can control this remotely from the parent unit. It has a high, medium and low setting. Its a helpful feature, especially as it means you don’t have to turn on a hallway or bedroom light when checking on your baby or if they need a night time milk top up. Babies and light should not mix, at night!

Paging function

The baby monitor comes with a paging function, which helps you locate it if misplaced. This is pretty good, as the amount of times I’ve left the parent unit somewhere or my son has ‘hidden’ it, and I struggle to find it, is quite high.

The docking station for the parent unit is re-chargeable, and gives eight amount of hours before needing another charge. Remember to charge the batteries as per the instructions, which will help to extend battery life.

Are there any downsides?

The Tommee Tippee Digital Sensor Monitor does have a few downsides. One thing to look out for with this video baby monitor, which is its unique selling point, is the sensor mat. For most people it works fine and they have no problems. However, a few have said the sensor mat is rather sensitive and goes off for no reason. Not ideal at anytime, especially 3am in the morning!

Some helpful feedback for this is that the possible cause of false alarms is lack of a solid base for the sensor mat. For example, the wicker base of your moses basket may not be solid enough. So, make sure the base between your basket or cot and the mattress for the sensor pad, is solid and safe.

One other thing to mention is that the camera is not able to be remotely controlled. To move the camera unit, you need to get in your baby’s room and move it by hand. For most people this isn’t a problem, but for other’s it’s a necessity to have this.

Tommee Tippee Sensor Monitor Main Features

  • Infrared night vision camera
  • Fully digital video monitor
  • Unique sensor pad to detect baby’s movement within cot
  • 3 inch (8cm) colour screen
  • Two-way talk back facility
  • Long distance range of up to 300m
  • Out of range indicator
  • Remote controlled night light
  • Pager function to locate base unit
  • Soft touch keys for easy use
  • Room temperature display


The Tommee Tippee Sensor Monitor has a good sized 3 inch (8cm) LCD colour screen. The video and audio signal is crisp and the two-way talk back feature works as it should. The signal range is good and will reach up to 300 metres, thick walls and obstructions permitting. The movement sensor mat is what makes this different to other video baby monitors, and gives you that extra piece of mind.


The movement sensor mat, while it’s the unique selling point for this baby monitor, it also causes some parents a few problems. Most have no problems, but some have said they have experienced some false alarms. This could be down to lack of a solid base (see in the ‘are there any downsides’ section for possible solution). Anyway, something to be aware of.


The Tommee Tippee Sensor Monitor is a very good video baby monitor. It has a decent amount of features that should cater for most parents needs. The movement sensor mat is the main selling point, and will help you to know your baby is safely asleep. The audio and video signal quality is very good, and the signal range is impressive. It has a number of ‘smaller’ features such as pager function and remote control night light, which are nicely thought out additions.

The lack of remote control camera zoom and rotate function is not ideal, and as mentioned above, the movement sensor mat has caused a few parents a few issues. Overall it’s a solid video baby unit, but the few issues over the false alarms from the sensor mat, means it gets a solid score, but it’s not top of the chart.

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