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Angelcare AC1100 Review

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Angelcare originate from Montreal, Canada; and started trading back in 1997. They sell a range of baby related products such as: baby monitors, nappy disposal systems and prams.

They are best known for their baby monitors, including the recognisable ‘halo’ style night lights. Their product sales amount to over 2 million units across the world each year. Let’s just say they know how to make a video baby monitor.

They have years of experience under their belt to prove it. As well as its movement sensor pad, the Angelcare AC1100 monitor comes equipped with a range of other features such as video and audio monitoring, infrared night vision and two-way talkback.

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Angelcare AC1100 Review

The main selling point of this Angelcare baby monitor is the movement sensor pad. This monitors your baby’s movement when they are in their cot or bed. If the sensor pad doesn’t detect any movement for 20 seconds, it sounds an alarm. The pad comes with different sensitivity settings. It works with practically all baby mattresses. Although it doesn’t work with memory foam mattresses.

There is an option to temporarily mute the movement alarm and sound. This feature is available so you can feed or change your baby without setting off the alarm and waking everybody else in your house. They will thank you, but only if you remember to switch it off when needed. Forget to use this option at your peril…

Full colour touchscreen

The Angelcare AC1100 comes with a 2.75 inch (7cm) colour LCD touch screen. This allows you to control its various settings. You can also view your little bundle of joy as they sleep, or wake up and need your attention! During the day you will see full colour images. At night the unit will automatically switch to night vision mode. These images will be in black and white.

The ability to zoom and rotate the camera, from the parent unit, is a great feature. Some video baby monitors do not have any remote control facilities at all. This will help you keep an eye on your baby, especially if they like to wriggle around their cot or bed.

The Angelcare baby monitor has digital 2.4MHZ sound. The baby monitor automatically chooses the best channel to send and receive sound signals. This reduces interference from other electronic devices and keeps the signal private from eavesdroppers.

Most baby monitors, come with two-way talk back feature. The Angelcare monitor is no exception. This handy option lets you speak or sing to your little one if they wake up and just need to hear your voice to settle back down. It’s very useful to save you going up those stairs or along the hall into their room, when it’s not needed.

Continuous sound monitoring

You can set the camera unit to continuous sound or voice activated monitoring. You can choose continuous to hear every sound from your baby’s room. Or, you can choose voice-activated, so when they start crying you will hear them, but no background noises. You can also adjust the volume settings to suit you. There is a vibration mode if you need to mute the parent unit.

The Angelcare AC1100 has a good range of up to 200 metres. Sometimes due to physical interference, such as thick walls and /or going further than 200 metres means you will lose the signal. An out of range, or no signal indicator, will warn you when this happens. Extremely helpful when you ‘think’ you have switched on the sending unit after putting your baby to sleep. When the receiving unit beeps and blinks at you, you realise you didn’t!

Rechargeable and mobile parent unit

The parent unit is fully re-chargeable. You can clip it to your belt or carry it around with you as you tackle those lovely chores while your son or daughter is fast asleep. You have got to make that time count when they’re asleep! The sending unit will default to battery power if there is a power failure. Obviously make sure you have batteries available in case this happens. Three rechargeable AAA batteries are supplied.

Angelcare baby monitors are well known for their halo night light. This helps when you pop your head in to check on your baby if you need to feed or change them. Turning on the hallway light or night light can sometimes wake them up. As parents soon realise, bright light and young children do not mix well at night. (Remember that rhyme!)

Another important thing you will come to know, if you don’t already, is your baby will sleep better when their room is at the right temperature. The sending unit will monitor the temperature. This will be displayed on the parent unit. If the room is too hot or cold, an alarm will sound.

Are there any downsides?

The Angelcare AC1100 has a few downsides, but nothing major to worry about. The main gripe is the picture quality. While it’s good enough to see your baby day and night, it’s not quite up there with other similar video baby monitors. Its not quite SKY high definition, more Freeview.

Some have said turning off the movement sensor pad, so you can feed or change your baby, is a bit of a pain. To pick up your child you obviously have to turn this feature off. If you forget, you will wake up your entire house. It’s quite loud.

One last thing to mention is the camera comes with a basic tripod. A few have said they bought a better tripod to put the camera unit on. This makes it a bit more sturdy and more easily pointed at the baby.

Angelcare AC1100 Main Features

  • Movement sensor pad and alarm
  • Adjustable sensor pad sensitivity
  • Full colour touchscreen LCD display
  • Infrared night vision
  • Digital signal technology
  • Volume control and alarm
  • Voice-activated sound or continuous sound transmission
  • 60+ channels and 2.4GHZ frequency
  • Up to 200 metres range
  • 2.75 inch (7cm) screen
  • Temperature control
  • Night light
  • Two-way talk facility
  • Out-of-range indicator
  • Mains power and battery back up
  • Low battery indicator


The Angelcare AC1100 and its movement sensor mat is what sets this apart from other video baby monitors. It gives you that extra piece of mind. The AC1100 comes with a decent sized 2.75 inch (7cm) colour LCD screen. The ‘halo’ night light gives the right amount of light for night-time nappy changes and feeds. The signal strength and connection works well. It has a good number of features, some you would expect and some you wouldn’t.


The movement sensor mat, which sets it apart from other baby video monitors, can cause a few headaches. You have to remember to switch the movement sensor off before taking out your baby. However, switching it off does need navigating through a few menu options. This could have been made a bit easier. Especially for those bleary eyed 2am wake up calls. A few have said the picture quality, while ok, isn’t crystal clear.


The Angelcare AC1100 baby monitor is a solid video baby monitor to consider buying. The movement sensor pad is what makes it stand out from other baby monitors. It works well and doesn’t give many false alarms, like some other movement sensor monitors. The video and audio quality is good, and the signal range is impressive. It has an excellent range of features that should satisfy most parent’s requirements.

The Angelcare AC1100 has a few niggles, namely the picture quality is not quite as good as some other video baby monitors. Switching off the baby movement monitor, so you can feed or change your little ‘un, could be a bit easier. However, if you want a baby monitor that has a movement sensor pad, and has an impressive array of features, then this is worth some serious consideration.

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