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Angelcare AC1120 Review

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Angelcare were established in 1997 and are based in Montreal, Canada. They sell a range of movement, video and sound baby monitors all over the world. Their baby monitors are best known for their unique ‘halo night light’ and under-the-mattress movement sensor pad, which detect your baby’s movements. They have sold more than 2 million baby monitors since they started trading. The Angelcare AC1120 has an impressive range of features you would expect from an established organization who have been selling video baby monitors for several years. Please note this Angelcare video baby monitor does not have the movement sensor pad.

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Angelcare AC1120 Review

The Angelcare baby monitor comes packed with a range of features, one of the most important is the 2.75 inch (7cm) colour digital LCD touch screen. The ability to change settings, including controlling the camera remotely, using the touch screen is helpful. This makes it much easier compared to messing about with fiddly buttons, assuming you are a touchy-feely person!

The camera unit is able to display video at night using its night vision mode. The camera will automatically change from colour (in day time) to black and white (at night). You can remotely control the camera from the parent unit to zoom and rotate. This is useful if your baby wriggles around in their cot or your toddler gets out of their bed.

The baby monitor has digital 2.4 GHz crystal clear sound. It will automatically choose one of the 60 plus channels to make sure sound quality sent to the parent unit is the best available. The digital signal also keeps the camera and parent unit in secure communication, which prevents others listening in.

Good sound quality and options

Another good feature the Angelcare Ac1120 baby monitor has is the sound monitoring can be set to continuous or voice-activated sound monitoring. You can set the sensitivity on the camera unit’s built-in microphone to send a continuous sound signal, or to only send sound signal when your baby talks, coughs or cries. You can also talk (or sing!) to your baby using the two-way talk facility.

You can temporarily turn off the sound and movement monitoring. This is pretty useful if you are changing your baby’s nappy or settling them down in their room. For example, if you don’t want to disturb anybody who is monitoring the parent unit.

The parent unit can be plugged into the mains or be powered by the rechargeable batteries. Using battery power makes it easy to carry about with you or move it into different rooms. You can expect up to 6 hours of use before the parent unit needs charging.

Knowing the temperature of your baby’s room is very important. The built in temperature sensor and display will alert you if your baby’s room is too hot or cold. The optimum temperature for a sleeping baby is 18°C. Although, Nordic parents do things differently.

The Angelcare baby monitor has a range of up to 200 metres and has an out of range indicator. If the unit is out of range, or no signal received (if in range), it will alert you if there is no communication between the parent and camera unit. This is good to be aware of in case there are any black-spots’ in your house and so you know how far you can take the parent unit away from the camera unit if you do go into your garden.

Are there any downsides?

The Angelcare AC1120 has a few downsides. Most are minor and are mostly down to the baby monitor not having some features that other baby monitors (that normally cost more) have.

While the range of the baby monitor is reported up to 200m; a few have said it struggles in houses with thick walls, or in a big garden. However, others have said it works fine in a ‘normal’ medium sized house and works fine in their garden and house with thick walls. Confused? I am . My advice is to test the unit, and if it struggles to connect, return it.

There is no remote control pan or tilt facility for the camera. Some other video baby monitors of similar price have full remote control (pan, tilt, zoom and rotate). I suppose it’s good to have the full range of remote control features, but once you set up the camera unit, I doubt you will be moving the camera around that much.

When the light changes, from day to night, the unit can take a few minutes to recognise it is night time. So for a few minutes you won’t be able to see much on screen. Not ideal, but you should be putting your baby to sleep in a dark room, and so this shouldn’t be a problem.

The camera unit comes with a low battery warning. You can run this off batteries if there is a power failure. Some have said the beep is quite loud and can wake your baby. It’s only a problem if you run the video unit off the battery frequently, which I wouldn’t do in normal circumstances. I’d keep the camera unit plugged into the mains.

Angelcare AC1120 Main Features

  • Full colour Video Camera
  • 2.75” (7cm) LCD full colour digital touch screen
  • Night Vision mode
  • Camera zoom and rotate
  • Digital 2.4GHz sound transmission
  • Portable rechargeable parent unit
  • Two way talk-back function
  • Up to 200 metre range
  • Out of range / no signal indicator
  • Volume control and vibration alert
  • Temperature display
  • Batteries or mains operated for parent unit
  • Night light


The Angelcare AC1120 baby monitor is easy to use and comes with a good range of features, including continuous or voice-activated sound monitoring, a talk-back function, temperature sensor and display, and an out-of-range indicator. The touch-screen facility works well, and helps control the camera remotely. The camera unit has the ‘Angelcare halo’ which acts as a gentle nightlight for your baby.


The issue a few have come across is the signal range of this baby monitor can be a bit patchy. Some have said it doesn’t work in their garden or house, with thick walls. Others have said it works fine. It works well in a ‘normal medium sized house’. So, if you live in a mansion with two acre garden, maybe this isn’t the video baby monitor for you!


The Angelcare AC1120 is a very good video baby monitor to buy. It has a good range of features that will be more than enough for most parents. The colour touch screen facility is useful, although at 2.75 inches (7cm) it could have been a little bigger, especially for those of us with sausage fingers!

Bear in mind a few have said the range is a bit patchy when being used in the garden or in a house with thick walls. But others have said it works with no problems for them.

The remote control camera zoom and rotate function is great, and with the out of range warning and portable parent unit this is a baby video monitor that is worth serious consideration.

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