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BT Baby Monitor 1000 Review

BT Baby Monitor 1000

British Telecom (BT) have been around for many years. They are better known as BT and are based in the United Kingdom. They operate in about 170 countries and are well-known for the telecommunications services they offer. They also make a range of electronic devices such as telephones, routers and baby monitors. Their baby monitor range have won multiple awards and are regarded as very good and reliable devices.

The BT Baby Monitor 1000 has a good sized 2.8 inch (7cm) screen. It switches automatically to night vision mode when it is dark and has an impressive range of up to 300 metres. The BT digital video baby monitor 1000has a temperature display for your little one’s room and comes with five built-in lullabies to soothe your baby to sleep.

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BT Baby Monitor 1000 Review

The parent unit has a 2.8 inch (7cm) LCD screen that allows you to clearly and easily see your baby tucked up and fast asleep. You can wall mount the camera unit or place it on a tripod (both supplied). This will allow it to send a stable picture, away from inquisitive hands.

The BT digital video baby monitor 1000 has a clear and crisp colour video picture. There is no interference from other electronic devices such as cordless phones and broadband routers. The BT 1000 baby monitor automatically switches to night vision mode when it becomes dark in your baby’s room. So, there is no need to fiddle with buttons or remember to do it yourself. You can remotely zoom in to the picture if you need to, but you can’t remotely rotate pan or tilt the camera.

Two-way talk feature

This BT digital baby monitor 1000 has a clear audio signal and comes with a handy two-way talk facility. You shouldn’t hear any interference or horrible cracking sounds. The two way talk facility is the norm for decent baby monitors these days. It allows you to speak or sing to your baby if they just need to hear your voice. The unit also comes with five built-in lullabies to help soothe your baby to sleep. A helpful feature if, like me, you can’t sing to save your life.

You can adjust sound sensitivity settings on the parent unit to pick up all sounds (continuous monitoring) from your baby’s room or just those that need your attention (sound activated). The baby monitor has various ways of alerting you to sound, such as full sound monitoring, flashing lights, beeping or vibrating. These can be useful if you have to do jobs around the house or have to mute the parent unit for a few minutes.

Connect up to four Cameras

How would you like to use the BT 1000 baby monitor to have your own mini CCTV network? You can, but only for watching within your own house! You can have up to four camera units feeding the parent unit. You could put the cameras in four separate rooms and watch them one at a time toggling through them, or on a split screen. Ideal for parents with more than one child.

The signal range of the monitor is good, and BT are honest is saying indoors the range is up to 50 metres, because of walls and floors degrading the signal strength. Outside the range is up to 300 metres. Lots of other baby monitor manufacturers will only state the outside range.

Temperature display

The BT Baby Monitor 1000 has, what is now, a standard temperature sensor and display feature. It displays the temperature of your baby’s room on the parent unit. Your baby will sleep much better when their room is not too hot or cold. Between 16 and 20 degrees is what is advised.

The parent unit comes with a rechargeable battery unit. You should be able to get around 10 hours before you have to recharge. You can also run it off 4x AA batteries. Either way, this lets you carry the parent unit around with you as it isn’t tied down to a mains socket.

Is it perfect? Any problems?

There are a few minor issues with the BT baby monitor 1000, but nothing to write a stern letter to the head of BT about. The parent unit doesn’t come with a docking station. So if you want to recharge it you have to find the power cable and fiddle about a bit inserting into the recharging point.

The lullaby facility can’t be turned on remotely. You have to switch it on from the camera unit. Unless you have the sneaking skills of a top level ninja, good luck switching a lullaby on without your baby seeing you!

The camera unit is quite bulky, in comparison to the parent unit. It’s not the most hideous design, but it won’t be something that is looked back on in years to come as pleasing to the eye. However, it’s does its job well and nothing to worry about too much.

BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000 Main Features

  • Hi-definition Sound (Hi-dS)
  • Video with 2.8 inch (7cm) Screen
  • Adjustable camera and zoom function
  • Frequency Hopping technology (FHSS) – automatically switch between 52 different channels to avoid interference
  • Rechargeable batteries in parent unit
  • Two way talk-back facility
  • Temperature display
  • 50m indoor range, 300m outdoor range
  • Out of range alert
  • Low battery alert
  • Vibrate function
  • Five built-in lullabies
  • Able to add up to three additional camera units


The BT Baby Monitor 1000 is well made and sturdy baby monitor. It has good picture and sound quality; and you can choose a sound monitoring style to suit you, either sound activated or continuous monitoring. The battery in the parent unit can last up to ten hours, and it has a good indoors and outdoors signal range. The option to add another three cameras is a bonus and it doesn’t suffer from interference from other electronic devices.


A few small niggles, with the main one being that the parent unit doesn’t have a docking station. You have to insert the power cable to recharge it. A few have said the camera unit is a bit bulky. You cannot turn on the built-in lullabies remotely, they can only be turned on from the camera unit.


The BT Baby Monitor 1000 is made by BT, a hugely reputable company who have a pedigree in making electronic devices such as baby monitors. It does all the basics well; has good sound and video signal, good signal range, two-way talk facility etc. The video unit has a remote zoom facility, and while other makes and models have remote pan, tilt and zoom, it doesn’t detract from the unit.

The minor niggles shouldn’t put you off, and while there are different makes and models available with slightly more options, for the price, this is a solid well-made unit that should cover all of your needs for a video baby monitor.

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