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BT Baby Monitor Pacifier Review

BT Baby Monitor Pacifier

Most people from the UK have heard of BT, or British Telecom. They are best known as a telecommunications company. They have been around in one guise or another for quite a few years. They are recognised as an industry leader for their communication services. Their headquarters are in the United Kingdom and they operate in around 170 countries. BT also make a range of electronic devices such as telephones, wireless routers and baby monitors. Their baby monitor rage have won multiple awards over the years.

The BT baby monitor pacifier comes with a good range of features. It has digital high definition sound, a projected light show, MP3 connection, and choice of 19 lullabies.

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BT Baby Monitor Pacifier Review

The BT digital baby monitor and pacifier has clear high definition sound, and a two-way talk back feature. The talk back facility allows you to speak or sing to your baby. This helps calm them down if you don’t need to go into their room and fuss over them. The high definition sound reduces the horrible crackles and interference that other lesser baby monitors can suffer from.

The BT Baby Monitor Pacifier will alert you to sounds in the baby’s room, through audio and visual means. You can monitor your baby through normal sound monitoring, flashing LED lights, or a vibrating parent unit. Handy options if you are busy doing household chores or live in a ‘noisy’ household.

The unit has a good signal range. When using indoors, you should be able to get up to 164 feet (50 metres). If using outdoors, with less obstructions, up to 984 feet (300 metres). You will get these ranges in ideal conditions, where there is a clear line of sight between the units. The signal strength is dependent on the structure and size of your house.

Temperature display

This baby monitor is an audio baby monitor only, not a video baby monitor. However, the parent unit does come with screen. You can check the temperature in your baby’s room, and change one of the 19 lullabies and set reminders. The baby monitor has a temperature changing night light. The colour tells you how hot or cold it is in the room. An alert will sound if the temperature is too hot or cold. A message will also be displayed on the parent unit.

The reminder facility is useful if you want to set a reminder for baby’s feed time. You can also set a reminder for their bedtime or to remind you of a TV programme you want to watch.

Projected light show and lullabies

The BT Pacifier baby monitor has a great ‘starry night’ light show that is projected onto the ceiling. The brightness is adjustable from the baby unit.

The unit also comes with a wide-range of lullabies, including nature sounds and classical music. These two features should help calm your little bundle of joy. Hopefully they will make their bedtime routine that little bit smoother and easier to deal with. I said hopefully. Most parents will know there are no guarantees at bedtime!

The baby unit is mains operated. The parent unit comes with rechargeable batteries for portable use. It also comes with a parent unit charger.

Audio input and night light

The BT baby monitor pacifier comes with an audio input connector. You can plug in a CD player, iPod or MP3 player to play your baby their favourite songs. Or you can listen to your favourite tunes while you feed them or change their nappy.

The BT pacifier baby monitor has a built in night light which can also be used as a torch. A handy option when you need to check on your baby without switching on their bedroom light.

It sounds like a good baby monitor, what’s the catch?

There are a few issues with this baby monitor you need to be aware of. Some have said there is an problem with the re-chargeable batteries. They start to lose their charge and only last 2.5 to 3 hours maximum. If the batteries do start to lose their charge, on average, it seems to happen after about six to ten months. If you buy from Amazon, they send replacement batteries. This does seem to indicate a known problem.

Another common problem seems to be the power button on the parent unit becomes stuck. This makes it impossible to switch it on and off. Some have said they fixed themselves using a combination of small screwdrivers and DIY magic. However, some said they had to send back for a replacement.

BT Baby Monitor Pacifier Main Features

  • Digital high definition sound
  • Wireless range of up to 984 feet (300 metres) outdoors and up to 164 feet (50 metres) indoors
  • Out of range warning
  • Link light that shows the parent unit is receiving a signal from the baby unit – will sound an alert if no link available
  • 19 lullabies
  • Play your own music from the baby unit via iPod / MP3 player
  • Two way talk back feature
  • Adjustable night light on baby unit
  • Light show with adjustable on baby unit
  • Room temperature display
  • Crying alert on parent unit
  • Alerts facility on parent unit
  • Torch on Parent unit


The BT pacifier baby monitor covers the basics well. It has good clear sound quality. The signal range is reliable. The two-way talk facility works well. It has well thought out features such as torch on parent unit, 19 built-in lullabies and ability to connect an iPod or MP3 player. It has a great light show, which has a built-in timer.


A few issues to report. The main one being the rechargeable batteries start to lose their charge between 6 to 10 months. They still work, but need charging every 2.5 to 3 hours on the parent unit. The power button on the parent unit can sometimes become stuck. This makes turning it on an off rather tricky.


The BT baby monitor pacifier as an ‘audio only’ baby monitor it’s a pretty good one. The light show, 19 lullabies and option to plug in your own iPod or MP3 player are good touches. The reminder set up features is also handy.

If you get a monitor that doesn’t have the rechargeable battery or power button issue, then you will be happy with this great little monitor. However, if you don’t, then you may well have to send back to Amazon. They will replace or refund as necessary, but we could all do without that hassle. Overall a decent monitor, for it features and price. Although, the issues mentioned above mean I cannot highly recommend it.

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